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Consultants is all about people.
We provide an end-to-end platform for brands and agencies to tap into the thousands of influencers database with insights.


Manage & Monitor

The end of manuel search.

Learn which influencers have the best impact on your audience so you can more quickly influence.

Filter by 10+ categories, engagement rate and more.

With Consultants, reaching your new inspiration only takes minutes.

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Need everything in 10 minutes?

Easy peasy with our PR tools.

Send an e-mail and say hello to the new-generation celebrities in the blink of an eye, create project briefs, send offers, files or event invitations.

Good news is you’ll receive the RSVP with a single click, meaning no more follow-up calls!

Our real-time reports of press releases and invitations ensure you are seen as well as a summary of who read your press release, who downloaded your files and who is attending to your event.

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